Seven points you should notice in a prefabricated house


Seven points you should notice in a prefabricated house

Maybe you have already decided that the best solution in the choice of house is the prefabricated house, and it is reasonable if somebody thinks about the advantages of a fabricated house compared with a conventional one. (If you do not know the advantages, see here).

However, there are more characteristics and procedures that you should know, so that you make the perfect prefabricated house. Every construction company involves its own production model and manufacturing process that should always fit our expectations and fill the conditions of General Constructional Regulation (G.C.R). Having 28 plus years of experience in the construction industry and creating dozens of prefabricated houses, we have made a list that covers the most important topics, before, during, and after creation of a prefabricated house. You should take them into account seriously before you choose a company.

1. Detailed agreement

The agreement with the contractor should be detailed at all production stages, the total cost and the completion time of the project.Moreover, it should include all necessary materials (tiles, piping, etc) that will be used, the equipment that will be contained in the house (cupboards, kitchen, bathroom etc) as well as the procedures that will take place during the creation of the prefabricated house(how to make the masonry).

2. Quality of construction

The choice of necessary materials is crucial because it affects directly construction’s quality and cost of the prefabricated house. The materials should be certified and fully cope with the requirements of the construction. A typical example of construction’s quality is the dye of truss. It should be used excellent quality of anticorrosive primer and the painting should be done with brush so that the metal be painted internally and externally in order to be protected from rust. At the first stage in coatings (plastering) should not be used lime but ecological materials that replace the lime and keep the plaster waterproof.The cooperation and understanding with professionals (such as a mechanic) are very significant in order to make the best market research and choice of materials.

3. Guarantee and construction safety

The existence of written guarantee of construction is really necessary during the construction of a prefabricated house. Essentially, this guarantee is a contract that makes the customer to feel safety because he is not burdened in any defects. At this point, we should mention that our company provides twenty years warranty to its customers.

One more element in the construction of a prefabricated house is the careful creation and maintenance of the structural and the (energy performance regulation of buildings) design of the construction company, so that the house meets the requirements earthquake resistance and thermo-acoustic insulation.

4. Full planning permission file

The construction company should take and put through all the bureaucratic procedures as well as any expenses and fees without burdening the customer. All these will happen because the building permit of the prefabricated house is prerequisite and is included in the contract.

5. Insurance Contributions

We should demonstrate particular attention to insurance contributions of substructure house. Many people think that a prefabricated house does not have stamps and defying or because of misinformation forced to pay themselves the stamps later and not the construction company. That is because the permission was at their name and there will always be stamps for payment to any planning permission. The contributions to IKA ( if they are involved in the detailed agreement) should be checked by the customer via IKA’s tab stamps of technical project , so that the stamps of permission under the table 2 have been attached and there is no pending and then close their account with the company.

6. Handover protocol

After the completion of construction of the house, the customer audits the house that all work was performed and the house operates normally, according to the company’s requirements and the detailed agreement. Only then, he signs the handover protocol of the house with the construction company.

7. Home cleaning with the completion

Completing and delivering the house, the exterior should be cleaned from building materials and the house should be delivered clean for use.

All these are very important to create the perfect prefabricated house but they are not ‘standards’ for each construction company.‘KOURTIS’ construction company guarantees that it will offer the possibility to build the home of your dreams at an affordable price and on time without ‘fine print’ and no extra charges.