Renovations / Reconstructions / Restorations


Our company, using all the technical and production means she has, undertakes the construction and renovation of houses, as well as other places, with its own collaborators and personnel of any specialization in order to comply with the standards of excellent construction quality.

The renovation of a building is performed under the strict surveillance of the civil engineer, the architect and the interior designer, always respecting the structure of the building and the client’s preference.

You will definitely get a guaranteed result thanks to our specialization, our excellent organization, our respect to the projects’ deadlines and the use of excellent quality both traditional and contemporary materials that are also certified for their specifications and quality.



Our company undertakes the complete reconstruction of a building, always according to its architectural structures, in order the result to be suitable with the building construction.

Discuss with us, any thought or problem you have and be sure that we can offer you the best possible solution.



The restoration of a building is often a complex situation, since there is always the possibility to be needed reinforcement works for the building construction frame and repair of significant damages. For this reason, our company examines in detail and informs the owner about any necessary work in the building.


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