Our Company


The total experience of KOURTIS PREFABRICATED HOUSES company, in combination with the technical know-how and the quality of the constructions, give the company the possibility to offer solutions for high reliability that satisfy the clients’ needs and make it the best choice for clients who are looking for prefabricated houses.

For more than 28 years

the company was leading the industry of prefabricated buildings, and so far it has undertaken the construction of hundreds of:

in the Prefecture of Larissa and other parts of Greece. Our constructions are meeting all the building requirements, since we apply our technical know-how.

KOURTIS PREFABRICATED HOUSES can undertake all the necessary bureaucratic procedures for the construction of a house, such as the building permit and the social contributions to the Social Security Institute (IKA).

Also, our company, as a pioneer once more, offers a Golden 20 Year Warranty, proving the livelong relationship that has established with its clients.



“KOURTIS PREFABRICATED HOUSES” company was founded in 1986 by Evangelos Kourtis, under the name “PROFIL” at the beginning. The company undertakes the construction of prefabricated houses, complying with all the building requirements, the anti-seismic standards, the heat and sound insulation standards, as well as the aesthetic and high functionality standards always respecting the environment.

After 20 years of constant operation, the company changes it seat and moves to new modern facilities in a privately-owned area (20.000 sq. m.), at the 7th km Road Larissa – Kozani, aiming to its further progress and to its prominent participation in the sector of house building. In addition, among the plans of the company there was also the export of its constructions, as well as the import of raw materials from abroad.

Our high quality mechanical equipment and the contemporary technology we use, in combination with our privately-owned lorries and our extensively trained staff give us the first place among the other companies, while our network with more than 80 freelance collaborators (engineers, architects, decorators, electricians, plumbers, etc.) always manages to accomplish every construction we undertake, both the simplest and the composite ones.

The company’s next step is the exploitation of all its potentials and to start undertaking the construction of any type of buildings, either houses or workings places. Now our company can undertake, beyond prefabricated houses, the construction of conventional houses, renovations, restorations, etc.

Especially, now that energy problems are a permanent worry for house owners, the thermal insulation we use (inflated polystyrene) is the unique solution in order to permanently solve this problem, saving up to 80%.

Furthermore, we managed to compress the construction duration up to the half of the duration needed for a conventional construction and in combination with our full process production model, we decreased the construction cost up to 50%, offering a lot of advantages to the owner of the house.