Conventional Houses

Our Company has a wide range of capabilities, which can benefit our clients.

This is achieved thanks to specific factors relevant to the vertical structure of our company and the shortening of time needed for all procedures and stages of the construction.

From the very first moment, civil engineers, architects and supervisors of works stand by our clients in order to satisfy all their needs and design their ideal house, either in urban or country areas, by providing advice and guiding them through all their concerns, from the building permit to their garden design.

Our company has crews for any type of work and it is not forced to work with and assign individual works to third parties, either when it comes to construction stages or plumbing works and electrical installations. This allows for perfect coordination and, as a result and to the client's benefit, not even one hour is wasted during works.

Clients are fortunate enough because they do not have to deal with any individual problem, since the supervising foreman is fully in control and acts in the most effective way.

The company has all technical means and of course a complete fleet of machinery and vehicles (even crane trucks) and is therefore able to overcome all obstacles and fully fulfil all its obligations.

It is worth mentioning that for more than 25 years so far, the company has never been sued for anything regarding either the quality of the constructions or its relationships with the clients.

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