Building Energy Upgrade

Through the "Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings" programme

Through the "Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings" programme, which subsidies up to 70% of the cost, you are able to ensure the energy upgrade of your house, saving money from the cooling and heating.

However, particular attention must be paid to the choice of materials and the construction process, so that the interventions are as efficient as possible.

KOURTIS PREFABRICATED HOUSES undertakes all activities relevant to the necessary energy interventions financed by the programme.

Eligible interventions include:

  • thermal insulation of external walls, the roof and the pilotis space, including any extra works such as replacement of roof tiles, dismantling, etc;
  • upgrade of heating system (installation of solar water heater, autonomous heating system);
  • installation of shading systems (blinds, tents, etc.);
  • replacement of door and shutter assemblies (shutters, front door, etc.);

Steps for the participation in the programme:

  • pre-approval of loan (bank branch) – first energy inspection;
  • submission of application and supporting documents;
  • acceptance of the application - signing of the loan agreement - disbursement of advance payment;
  • implementation of the interventions - second energy inspection;
  • submission of supporting documents - disbursement of the remaining amount and the subsidy.

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