15 points that make the difference

kataksevi prokat

  1. Construction of interior and exterior walls using industrial iron 30 mm x 100 mm.
  2. External and internal painting of all the metal parts of the construction, using the dipping paint method in rust preventive primer based on alkyd resin with a density of 1.60 – 1.66.
  3. Additional material used for the roof construction: Very thin wooden boards and a special membrane.
  4. Inflated polystyrene with a density of 25 kilograms per cubic meter with cells for the best possible sticking of plaster and high level of heat and sound insulation.
  5. Plaster coating of the walls using special ecological insulation materials: Replacement of lime and building resin.
  6. Green heat-sealing pipe in the hydraulic piping systems.
  7. Both exterior painting with acrylic paints and interior painting of the house with plastic colours.
  8. Wardrobes in the bedrooms.
  9. After the completion of the works, cleaning of both interior ad exterior areas of the house.
  10. We take pictures of the house before the plaster coating and we deliver the photographs to the client in a CD.
  11. Detailed and accurate tender to the client with analytical description.
  12. Consistency in delivery time schedules.
  13. We design the interior and exterior areas of the house, always considering the clients' needs.
  14. Quality assurance of the construction, according to clear and explicit specifications.
  15. Golden 20 year warranty.

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